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Fashion & Frolic 2017 

Thursday, May 4, 2017
Holiday Inn Muskegon

- Doors open at 4:30 pm
- Silent Auction and Vendor Marketplace
- Light Dinner at 6:15 pm, followed by our Style Show
- Silent Auction and Vendor Marketplace continue till 8:30pm

All of the funds raised at our one-night event goes into the WDCC general fund so we can help many needy organizations in our community. 

For Tickets, call Kerstin Felske:


Kay Bowen: 798-3794, kay0918@comcast.net
Linda Siscoe: 670-1216, lsiscoe@comcast.net




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Women's Division Chamber of Commerce



Fashion & Frolic Gallery

2016 Co-Chairs
EmCee Bob, Ruth and Merle
Paula Linda Theresa
Mary Penny Barb
Katie Peggy
FF Ladies
Esther and Romona
Joyce and Sue
Elaine and Shirley
Vendor 1
Vendor 2
Deb and Laura
Kay and Friends


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 DWTLS 2017..."Latin Flair" 

Four performances allowed an audience of 1800+ people to see the lively and fantastic show! Stay tuned for the $$ results as we look forward to helping many food pantries in our area.

"Latin Flair"
featured melodic voices from Grupo Escolta,and beautiful routines from the Social Dance Studio. Touch Bachata and Step Up Youth Program made the audience smile. Our emcees, Stacy Shepherd and DJ Hilson, kept us entertained while we waited for the dance couples to perform...and did they ever thrill us!

Our 12 couples were an incredible blend of fun, generosity, inspiration and passion. Their commitment to this event is unparalleled, and they helped put on a magnificent show. Thank you Stars and Pros!

We could not be successful without the generous contributions from our many sponsors...THANK YOU!

Hats off to our amazing committee...you are incredible and we thank you so very much!

Want to see who won? 

Click here for the Press Release on Trophy Results!


Co-Chairs: Mary Kendall and Dianne Bernd

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Women's Division Chamber of Commerce





Dancing with Local Stars Gallery

Co-Chairs: Mary Kendall and Dianne Bernd
2017 Group
Dr. David Armbrecht and Susan Halter
Bob Gagnon and Carly Switzer
Lynnette Bloomberg and David Kennedy
Becky Kuznar and Patrick Johnson
Brenda Sprader and Tim Lopez
Lisa Jirikovic and Paul Price
Steve Zaagman and Tabitha Johnson
Sean France and Jennie Naffie
Michael Page, Jr and Dr. Karissa Tryska
Francine Kilcrease and Christopher Kuhn
Mary Switzer and Bill Uetricht
Matt Kaley and Andrea VanBeek


 2016 DD Poster

Downtown Dancing

2017 dates:

June 22nd
July 20th
August 10th
August 24th

Bands will be announced soon!


Each year gets better and better and we couldn't put on this event without the dedication of our WDCC members---thank you so much for all you do to help make Downtown Dancing so successful!


Co-Chairs: Sue Lumley at 231-740-0496 

                    or Jackie Engel at 231-740-2270



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Women's Division Chamber of Commerce



Downtown Dancing Gallery

DD 2016-4
DD 2016-1
DD 2016-2
DD 2016-3
DD 2016-5
DD 2016-6
DD 2016-7
DD 2016-8
DD 2016-9
DD 2016-10
DD 2016-11
DD 2016-12
DD 2016-13
DD 2016-14
DD 2016-15
DD 2016-16



Trinkets & Treasures

2016 Trinkets & Treasures

Our event was held Friday, September 30th and Saturday, October 1st, and it was a HUGE success...our net proceeds was $22,245.50! 

WDCC chose three 501(c)(3) organizations as recipients that shared the proceeds equally: Father Jack Foundation, Flyin' Heroes and Tempting Tables.  

We are proud to say that each of these wonderful organizations received a benefit check for $7415.17.

A total of 168 volunteers willfully donated their talents and time, working over 1774 hours in just 12 days to transform an empty 20,000 square foot warehouse into a "retail store"of gently used goods. THANK YOU!!  

Fourteen community businesses contributed properties and time in support of this year's event:
Folkert Community Center
Redi Rental
Schuitema Moving & Storage
KU Kandles
Metal Finishing Technologies
JC Penney
Meijer of Norton Shores
Hope's Outlet
Norton Shores Fire Department
Love INC
West MI Catholic Charities
Friends of Hackley Library
Hope Chest Thrift

Our event is outstanding because of the many WDCC members, sponsors and companies that contribute...we are so grateful for your help!


Jo Anne Hoekenga  231-955-0789 

Kathy Viculis  231-903-2713 



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Women's Division Chamber of Commerce



Trinkets & Treasures Gallery

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Social Event Gallery

Summer 2016-1
Summer 2016-2
Summer 2016-3
Summer 2016-4
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Adopt-Committee 2016
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